It was just another harmless party, no different from the dozens Cynthia (Trilby Glover) and Aaron (Randy Wayne) have hosted before. While the married couple’s parties may have tapered off a bit in the year since adopting adorable first child Caleb (Nicholas Oteri), Cynthia’s need for release has grown all the more intense. Not quite ready for the full commitment of motherhood, Cynthia initially agreed to temporarily foster Caleb, but their bond grows to feel like he’s her own. Now she can’t imagine life without him. But tonight, Cynthia mistakenly leaves the door open for the unthinkable, the accidental death of their child.

Battered by endless waves of grief and Aaron’s unforgiving resentment, Cynthia can find no tourniquet for her guilt until she joins a fringe spirituality book club. A massage therapist with a new age bent, Cynthia is already predisposed to the cosmic kaleidoscope but her saving grace soon becomes an all-consuming obsession. Aaron watches her force her third eye open even as she turns a blind one to the growing cracks in their marriage and it only drives them further apart.

But one fateful night will change everything for the couple… again. When strange world events converge; news of apocalyptic weather, power outages, mass whale strandings– Cynthia sees omens while Aaron just wants to sleep. But from that slumber, the couple is awakened by odd sounds inside their house. Up to investigate, Cynthia confronts an otherworldly Woman who charges right at her screaming, “I’ve found you! It’s time!” Aaron’s hockey stick swipe puts the Woman out cold before she can say anything else.

Thinking they’ve safely locked her in their garage, Aaron and Cynthia riddle the Woman (Leslie Stevens) with questions as she comes to. Who is she? Why is she here? Her answers aren’t clear but one thing is… she’s come to them with impossibly detailed knowledge about their lives and the circumstances of Caleb’s death. Is she from beyond, in contact with their lost son? The Woman’s haunting answers hold Cynthia spellbound as she promises a reunion with Caleb tonight… the end of the world. But Aaron is not included in the Woman’s transcendent plan, as she instead convinces Cynthia to unite against him.

Cynthia’s growing faith in the Woman’s prophecies pulls her further from her husband and this world. Only Aaron can stop the Woman from leading Cynthia across death’s threshold. But can he save his wife from the danger of her beliefs in time? And if this is not indeed the End, might it instead offer a new beginning for Cynthia and Aaron?